How to move your pets and plants safely?

Packing Moving pets and house plants
March 17, 2019

Hey! Congrats finally you have got your new dream home, and now you will be so eager to settle down there. But wait; there are so many things you have to do before you can even begin shifting. Whether you’re moving within the city, outside the city or internationally, it’s evident that you will want to take everything with you, so that you can have the same homely feeling in the new place. Apart from all household belongings, it would be best if you planned correctly about how to relocate your favorite plants and furry little friends safely. Although it’s a challenging task, they are also a big part of your life, and it’s impossible to leave them or give them away just because of your relocation.

As we know, hiring Packers and Movers is one of the best options to shift all your household goods, appliances, car/bike, etc. safely to your new destination. Moreover, when you need to move living things like plants and your pets, they will be of a lot more help as they can make all the necessary arrangements to shift them. However, before you can hand over your precious pets and plants to strangers, you need to personally step in and prepare them and take precautionary measures to move them safely.

Let’s discuss some helpful strategies to minimize your stress while moving your pets and plants -

How to move pets safely

Pets can be easily overwhelmed by all the activity going on at home for relocation. Therefore, it’s good to make them ready for the move one week before the actual shifting day.

  1. Pack their things and try to maintain your pet’s daily routine so that they can remain calm. Make them sit in their cage comfortably if you have it or buy one so that you can keep them out of the way while moving your things around.
  2. Keep their food and water bowls close by So that you can feed them without any problems during the entire relocation. Carry enough pet-food and water especially if you are moving over a long distance.
  3. Clip your furry friend’s nails before you move them, to protect them from getting hurt. By doing this, you can make sure your pets are safe from any dangers of injuring themselves or bleeding during the travel.
  4. You can also put a collar on them with your name and contact information so that they can be quickly found if they get lost on the way to your new home. Make them wear the tag before, and after shifting so that they remain safe at all times.
  5. Once you arrive at your new home, open their cages as soon as possible and put them in a safe area of your home and observe them. You can give them time to familiarize themselves to the new surroundings.
  6. Offer their favorite food and toys, and spend some time playing with them so that they feel comfortable and more ‘at home’ with you.
  7. If you find anything wrong, then immediately take your pet to a veterinarian and get them checked.

How to move your plants

Green plants make your home look beautiful, and also gives you fresh air. You would have spent months or years nurturing and taking care of all your plants, so never leave them behind when you are shifting homes.

It may be confusing to move all your plants safely especially considering how delicate they are and can get easily hurt. Here are some smart techniques to help you transfer your favorite plants easily.

  1. First, remove the plant carefully from the pots keeping in mind that none of the roots are broken and put them in a suitable container to carry them safely.
  2. Pack the plants carefully so that they are not exposed to dust or get damaged during transit. However, avoid wrapping them too firmly as it can destroy them. Water them and return to the normal routine of taking care of them in your new home.
  3. Always remember that once you plant them in the new place, the plants may take some time to adjust because of new soil. Therefore, make sure you care for them properly, and they’ll be happy and blooming in no time.

We all know that it’s not easy to relocate your beloved pets and plants at one time. But, with proper planning and following the tricks we have mentioned above, you will be able to move them safely and enjoy a refreshing time in your new home. You can also take the help of professional Packers and Movers to shift your furry little friends and favorite plants to your new home safely.